Liquors & Distillates Pure Sardinia

Pure Sardinia is a company of Sardinia island, located in the middle of Mediterranean sea, created to offer to lovers of liqueurs and spirits around the world unique products, made mainly from raw materials of extraordinary quality, pure and 100% natural.
Sardinia has few equals in the world: here people live for thousands of years with an enviable quality of life, rooted traditions and culture about wine and food, handed down from father to son until today.
Not by chance is the leader of the five Blue Zones of the world, areas where a high proportion of the population live incredibly long; the island is currently the highest concentration of centenarians in the world.
One of the secrets of their longevity is definitely for the high quality of the spontaneous productions of this extraordinary area free of pollution, where the sun, the sea and the wind are additional ingredients and essential to what nature provides generously.
By virtue of this, Pure Sardinia offers products handcrafted without chasing the times and the rules dictated by the industry, products unique with strong identity.

Our products:

SOLO Wild GIN, exclusively obtained from berries handpicked by Juniper Wild trees grown spontaneously around the island, without further botanical additions: fragrance and unique taste;

DORO Aged GIN, aged 12 months in old chestnut barrels. Five botanicals from the island and 44° by alcool makes this Gin best to taste not mixed: elegant, aristocratic, exciting;

RARO Wild MIRTO, liqueur obtained by hydroalcoholic infusion of a high quantity of wild myrtle berries (harvested by hand) for a long time, without addition of aromas, colorings and preservatives: intense, rich in taste, addictive.

VERO VERMOUTH, made from Nuragus, typical Sardinian wine aged for two years in stainless steel tanks, and wild
herbs of the island, such as Thyme, Sage, Mastic, Helichrysum, Myrtle, Artemisia: exciting, unique and inimitable;

ADRAS VODKA, obtained from a noble grain such as wheat, three times distilled: strong, but soft and persistent;

All products have a common denominator: high quality supported by a sophisticated packaging, smart and stylish, designed to emotionally involve consumers who do not yet know Sardinia, as well as who to recognize the smells, the flavors and the representations and colors of the island shown on the labels.


For the high manual used to collect the raw materials, together with the choice of short deadline physiological to grant maximum qualitative contribution, all the productions don’t have very high print runs, and its intended to all those activities in which it is a value added offer unique products and rare, made to conquer the palates of discerning consumers and responsible, who want to experience intense emotions.


Then, let yourself be seduced by the charm, character and purity of these great products, advise them to friends, to
share with them the memories of Sardinia that you will bring in your heart forever.



Drink Sardinian, live long….welcome to the Blue Zone!

Liquors & Distillates Wild Sardinia for the American market

WILD SARDINIA trasparente

The brand WILD SARDINIA, and the four products distaled and liquors present are for the American market.


WILD Sardinia GIN, exclusively obtained from handpicked berries by wild Juniper trees, born spontaneously in front of sea all around the island: without botany added, that make this Gin unique for fresh aromas and taste.

WILD Sardinia VERMOUTH, made from Vernaccia Vintage wine (aged for 10 years in chestnut trees barrels) and wild herbs of the island, such as thyme, helichrysum, Myrtle: exciting, unique and inimitable.

WILD Sardinia Mirto, liqueur produced by hydro-alcoholic infusion of an high quantity of wild Myrtle berries harvested by hand, without added flavorings, colorings and preservatives: intense, rich taste, engaging.

WILD Sardinia VODKA, obtained from a noble grain such as wheat, three times distilled: strong, but soft and persistent.