OLOS is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained by cold pressing of Bosana cultivated olives, coming from plants planted in the Nurra area, in the north-west of Sardinia, an area that has been suited for centuries to produce this precious indispensable food in the Mediterranean diet.
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Sardinia oil

OLOS è un Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva, obtained by cold milling of Bosana cultivar olives, from plants planted in the territory of Nurra, in the northwest of Sardinia, it’s for centuries dedicated to the production of this precious indispensable food in the Mediterranean diet.


Harvesting was done manually according to traditional methods, without the use of mechanical shakers, so as not to cause trauma to plants and their root system. The crushing process took place a few hours later in order to guarantee a very high product quality which would keep intact all the organoleptic characteristics of this rare endemic cultivar of the island.


The result is a brilliant yellow-colored oil with clear greenish reflections, dense, rich in balsamic perfumes that recall artichoke, green pepper, Mediterranean scrub. In the mouth is large, enveloping, very spiced and slightly piquant, with a long lasting tasting persistence. The final is balanced and characterized by low acidity.


OLOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an ideal match for Mediterranean salads, first course bottarga and crustacean dishes, grilled vegetables, grilled meats or catalan crustaceans. It is great served in the traditional carasau bread with a pinch of salt and rosemary or oregano.



Annual production limited to 2000 bottles of 50 cl and 1000 of 25 cl..