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Artisan Panettone Pure Sardinia


From a collaboration with L’Oasi Deliziosa, an historic and renowned artisanal pastry shop in the heart of Nuoro, Sardinia, after the huge success of the last year, the Christmas proposal signed Pure Sardinia is renewed by popular demand:

Panettone at VERO Vermouth, at Solo Wild Gin and at Cannonau Capo Ferro.

Are exclusive products for Our Christmas holidays elaborated with an exemplary professionalism by pastry chef Antonio Pintori. The ingredients selected, starting from the sourdough daily cured only by Antonio, are fresh and excellence from Our territory, selected to guarantee Our customers high quality products that stand out for their fragrance, softness and taste.

All the Panettone are realized in small batches with at least 72 hours of processes between dough making, leavening and cooling. This slow productive process gives a “low” appearance at the cake, as the dictat of the Milanese tradition from which are inspired by.


Tasting notes about this exclusive handmade creations:



*with raisins

From the first cut will delight You for the release of its persitant aromas given by Our Sardinan Vermouth, unique in the World.

The crust is crunchy and compact. The dough is soft and yellow, with regular alveolus that keep the raisins fragrant and juicy.

In the palate is a symphony of flavors: the delicate and mouth – melting dough release the primary and imposing butter, which is dampened by the sour freshness of the raisins and by the Vermouth that well mix the whole ingredients. A Panettone with an exemplary persistance, sweet and never sickly, perfect match with a good coffee and as well with the Vermouth from which takes its name or with a light spirit.




*With Orange peel and drops of dark chocolate

A Panettone with a strong identity given by the choice of the ingredients. At the cut, his own soft inside emanate intense scent of resin (Gin), citrus (Orange peel named Aranzada) and dark chocolate, that make it immediately charming.

The croust with icing sugar granules stays compact with a delicate yellow dough. The slice is consistant with a high weight due by the dough and by the presence of the orange peel and the drops of dark chocolate.

In the palate the flavours of the ingredients are unique and rare: the “green” scents of Gin are caressed by the butter and surrounded by the persistant complexity of the dark chocolate.

The fresh citric note given by the orange peel re- balance everything, preparing You for a second bite. It is a Panettone with a unique and unrepeatable taste, deliberately created to enhance two Sardinian products as the orange peel named Aranzada Nugoresa (dessert symbol of Nuoro, among the best known of the Island) and the SOLO Wild Gin, spirit obtained only from Sardinia wild juniper berries. Match it with a light Gin&Tonic or a good coffee, in both cases You will remain fascinated.




*With soft prunes and blackberries

From the first cut, this Panettone can excites you for the scent of prunes and red fruits, typical flavours of the wine Cannonau di Sardegna that identify it.

His dough soft and compact, with violet nuance given by the rich quantity of fruits, immediately makes You feel that it is a particular product, not comparable.

In the palate We find amplified the same sensations perceived with the nose: the blackberries and the prunes soft and juicy, that perfectly match with the softness of the dough, generating a symphony of taste with a very long persistence.

A slice of this dessert is never enough, especially if combined with a passito red wine (Recioto della Valpolicella or similar) or with a good Mirto liquor of artisanal production.


Every Panettone is about 1000 gr (on request also from 3000 gr) and they are proposed in gift box with lid of different color for each taste: brown for VERO Vermouth, turquoise for SOLO Wild Gin, violet for Cannonau Capo Ferro.
To guarantee the best high quality, which is the philosophy of Pure Sardinia, We like to inform You that We only use fresh and first choice ingredients and never artificial products.This justifies the expiry date of two months indicated on the package.
Pure Sardinia Panettone are realized in limited quantities, distributed only in the best wine shops, wine bars, pastry shops and restaurants for the lovers of the high quality artisan products.
Propose it with confidence at Your friends, You will let them know it and be surprised by unique goodness of Sardinia.