Raro Wild Mirto

Data sheet:

Product Classification:
Liquor obtained by the infusion of fresh wild red Myrtle berries, water, alcohol, sugar.


Product Origin:
Sardinia, Italy.


Alcoholic infusion of red Myrtle fresh berries, water, sugar.


Method of Production:
Infusion of an high quantity of fresh Sardinian wild red Myrtle berries for some months in alcohol of beet molasses. Subsequent filtration and addition of a sugar and water syrup.


Organoleptic features:


Ruby red – violet, dense and impenetrable.


Ethereal, balsamic, with notes of Mediterranean plants, Myrtle jam and essential oil present in the plant.


Sweet, enveloping, warm, velvety, with remarkable persistence of fruit, blended by a delicately bitter note and a slight tannic aftertaste.


IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.


Alcohol Percentage:
30 °


Bottle capacity:
7O Cl.


Natural Cork with plastic heading.

Distillates and Liqueurs Pure Sardinia