Solo Wild Gin

Data sheet:

Product Classification:
Distillate obtained from infusion of alcohol grain and Sardinian wild juniper berries.


Product Origin:
Sardinia, Italy.


Fresh berries from Sardinian wild juniper trees (Juniperus Communis), alcohol, water.


Method of Production:
Infusion of Sardinian wild juniper berries for 30 days in cereals alcohol. Slow craft distillation with the discontinuous method for about 10 hours, via steam
boiler and copper still.


Organoleptic features:


Clear, transparent and crystalline.


Characteristic smell of Sardinian juniper berries,
resin, citrus and sensational scents of Mediterranean plants.


It’s the ultimate expression of Gin: oily, persistent, delicate and soft. It identifies the strengths of Sardinia’s nature.


IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.


Alcohol Percentage:
40 °


Bottle capacity:
7O Cl.


Natural Cork with plastic heading.

Distillates and Liqueurs Pure Sardinia