Vero Vermouth

Data sheet:

Product Classification:
flavored drink made from wine, alcohol, sugar, vegetal extracts, flavorings.


Product Origin:
Sardinia, Italy.


wine nuragus, alcohol, sugar, infusion of herbs typical of the Mediterranean, aromas.


Method of Production:
Nuragus wine, matured for 2 years in stainless steel tanks, are left to infuse for 30 days whit typical spontaneous herbs of Sardinia’s landscape, Helichrysum, Myrtle, Mastic, Sage, Thyme and Artemisia, with a final addition of alcohol and sugar.


Organoleptic features:


Deep amber, clear and dense.


Vinous, intense and aromatic, with clear references of medicinal herbs, honey, dried fruit, ink, spices, mediterranean plants.


Sweet starting supported by fresh and pleasant acidity, wide, enveloping and velvety, very persistent. Hints of dried fig, dates, almonds, spices, citrus. Ending that leaves the mouth in perfect balance between acidity, flavor and


IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.


Alcohol Percentage:
18 °


Bottle capacity:
75 Cl.


Natural Cork with plastic heading.

*Containes sulphithes.

Distillates and Liqueurs Pure Sardinia