Pure Sardinia, a journey of several years of research, studies, experiments and economic investments, we try to offer products that can satisfy more and more lovers of unconventional and high quality productions, scattered all over the world. Pure Sardinia produces spirits, liqueurs, wines and oils of Sardinian origin with local and top quality materials.
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The productions Pure Sardinia

How many of you have ever pursued a dream, a passion, a perception, which after so many years of work and sacrifice has become a reality?


We will tell you briefly about our experience so that you can understand what brings people passionate about their work, with decades of experience at the service of companies in the wine, liquor and spirits sector, to get involved and become promoters of a project in which initially few they would have bet and that instead only a few years after its birth it begins to give the results in which it has always been believed.


The idea was to create 100% Made in Sardinia products that were different both for packaging and for production philosophy and commercial ethics from those present in the modern market, dictated by numbers and speed that more often than not go to the original quality.


Hence the birth of the Pure Sardinia brand, aimed at making known to an audience of careful and demanding consumers how extraordinary it can be obtained from the raw materials collected in an uncontaminated territory and unique as that of Sardinia.


Located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, this region enjoys about 300 days of sunshine a year and the influence of winds, and mainly that of the Mistral, together with a very low population density (only 68 per km²), mean that this island is particularly generous, giving spontaneous and uncontaminated wild products from which the liqueurs and distillates of our collection are made.


The name “Pure” has been chosen for this reason: they are all creations of superior quality, obtained in a natural way, without making any kind of chemical modification or addition of aromas, characterized by unique aromas and flavors, absolutely not replicable.


The path, however, was not easy and after some years of research, studies, experiments and economic investments we try to offer products that can satisfy more and more lovers of unconventional and high quality productions, scattered around the world.

casse-vermouth-pure sardinia

We think we are only at the beginning of this path and the compliments and appreciations received so far motivate us to always give our best, actively working to help create products that arouse positive emotions and that remain impressed in an indelible way in the memory of those taste them.


Our greatest satisfaction: to create an emotion by communicating a passion, which in turn creates a new one in those who receive the message. For each new product we propose, we try to identify ourselves with those who will taste it, trying to make it happen with all the experience and love we feel for our work and to transmit those values ​​that our families, our land and experiences past work has given us.


Precisely for this reason the Pure Sardinia project is only at the beginning, but the road taken is already well defined. This is amply demonstrated by the extraordinary sales results obtained by the new products put on the market only a few months ago: an extra virgin olive oil, two fine wines and the Panettone al Gin, Vermouth and Cannonau, all made according to the rules you have just read wanted to conquer more and more consumers, lovers of good and just things, values ​​that are fundamental and indispensable for us in my past, present and future life.


Then try these productions with confidence, they are tested, checked and guaranteed by the worst critics that the company can have … ourselves!

Pure Sardinia Staff