Pure Sardinia present the wine LISCIA RENÈ is a rosè wine obtained exclusively from Cannonau grapes coming from two different 30 year old vineyards located in the valley of Oddoène, in the territory of Dorgali (NU) inside the Gennargentu National Park in Sardinia.
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It’s a Rosè Wine obtained exclusively from Cannonau grapes from 30 year old vineyards located in Oddoène valley, territory of Dorgali (NU), inside Gennargentu National Park, Sardinia.


The soils where they grows are very differents: sand from granite rocks and limestone. The grapes comes from organically managed vineyards that gives maximum 1 kg of yeld for any plants. Grape harvesting is done in September during the early morning. The grapes are manually cut and placed in plastic boxes for a maximum of 9 kg. In the cellar the grapes are destemmed and softly crushed, the maceration ends in few hours. The fermentation took place in steel tanks at controlled temperature for 15 days. Vinification goes on until the Spring Season, after this process the wine is clarified and then bottled.


Liscia Renè

Data sheet:

Product type:
Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Rosè 2018


Visual examination:
a beautiful deep pink wine with orange reflexes (onion peel). In the glass it is consistent but sliding, with regular bows and thin tears.


Olfactory examination:
In the nose is immediately interesting, with fragrances that
remember rose petals, violet and jasmine. A fine balsamic and light plum flavor closes the aromatic part. Low perception of alcohol.


Tasting exam:
In the mouth it is pleasant, fresh, slightly sapid and balanced, with light tannins in line with the structure of the wine. A good acidity with right minerality make this wine simple to drink .


Overall examination:
Elegant wine, tasty and harmonic. Ideal “Friend” during Spring and Summer evenings.


Gourmet match:
Perfect with Sardinian traditional seafood appetizers, or with mussels, clams and fish soups. All kind of seafood Pasta, red tuna or poultry dishes. Great combination with Pecorino Sardo grilled cheese and Carasau bread.


Alcohol content: 13°


Service temperature: 8/10°C


Service glass: Renano 38 cl.


Bottles produced harvest 2018:
3000 bottles 75 cl.


Wine Pure Sardinia