Molo A is a white wine obtained from a maniacal selection of only Vermentino grapes from two different vineyards, about 20 years old each, located in the territory of Monti (OT) north-east of Sardinia in the middle of Gallura.
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Molo A

it is a white wine obtained from a careful selection of grapes only
Vermentino from a vineyard of about 45 years of age, located in the Municipality of Badesi (SS) in the north of Sardinia, in an area better known as Gallura.


it is a white wine obtained from a careful selection of grapes only
The vineyard is right in front of the sea, about 200 meters. As the crow flies from the famous “Spiaggia Le Dune” with rows facing south-west; the soil is exclusively silica sand, poor in organic substances, but very rich in minerals, characteristics that give a particular aromatic complexity to the wine. Since it was planted in this vineyard, neither fertilizers nor fertilizers of chemical derivation have ever been used.


After careful monitoring of the pH and the sugar level, the grapes were harvested manually in plastic containers on August 23, 2022, with a yield of 54 quintals per hectare. The harvested bunches were immediately transferred to the cellar using refrigerated vehicles, and once destemmed, the grapes were softly pressed using a press
pneumatic: the juice obtained was then left for about two hours in contact with the skins (skin maceration).


The fermentation and subsequent vinification were carried out in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The wine was left on the fine lees, but with frequent bâtonnage,305 for around 7 months. In March, an initial clarification was carried out by cold decantation and subsequently bottled in April.

Data sheet:

Product type:
Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, white 2022


Visual Examination:
wine with a beautiful bright golden yellow color with soft greenish reflections. In the glass is consistent but flowing, with dense and regular arches that suggest the complexity of the product.


Olfactory examination:
the nose is quite complex and persistent, with aromas of ripe white pulp fruit and clear mineral and iodized notes. Fine and elegant hints of summer scrub. Slightly perceptible alcohol.


Tasting Exam:
in the mouth it is complex, ample, soft, with such acidity and sapidity
to give it a nice freshness, fine and persistent, dry. Very balanced wine where the alcoholic part seems to disappear within its structure. It closes with a slight note of bitter almond typical of Vermentino worked alone.


Overall examination:
very pleasant wine with a satisfying drink, very harmonious, with
excellent potential for improvement in the bottle.


Gourmet match:
excellent with Fin de Claire oysters and seafood in general,
scampi and raw prawns, sashimi and fish tartare. Shellfish or bottarga-based risottos and pastas. Main courses of salted or grilled sea fish, white meats. Also excellent with fresh soft/semi-hard cheeses such as locally produced pecorino.


Alcohol content: 14,5°


Service temperature: 8-10°C


Serving Glass: Renano 38 cl.


Potential for aging: 4/6 anni


Bottles produced year 2020:
6600 bottles of 75 cl


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