Molo A is a white wine obtained from a maniacal selection of only Vermentino grapes from two different vineyards, about 20 years old each, located in the territory of Monti (OT) north-east of Sardinia in the middle of Gallura.
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It’s a White Wine obtained by a maniacal selection of Vermentino grapes coming from 30 years old vineyards, located in the territory of Monti (SS) north-east of Sardinia, also named Gallura.


The soils where they grows are composed by granite-rock sand, poor in organic matter, but rich in minerals, which gives longevity and aromatic complexity to wine. From some years the conduct of the vineyards is organic, without using fertilizers of chemical derivation. Harvesting is done manually in plastic containers during the month of September; the grapes delivered are processed within a few hours of collection, cooled by a bundle of tubes to preserve and improve their perfumes, and macerate for a day inside the press with the flower most (film maceration). Fermentation and vinification happens in steel tanks at controlled temperature for about 7 months with frequent bâtonnage.
Subsequently the wine obtained is clarified and then bottled.


Molo A

Data sheet:

Product type:
Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, White 2018


Visual Examination:
Wine with a beautiful golden yellow color with bright greenish reflexses. In the glass it is consistent but sliding, with dense and regular bows that make sense of the complexity of the product.


Olfactory examination:
On the nose is quite complex and persistent, with scents of ripe
white pulp fruit and obvious mineral and iodinated notes. Fine and elegant hints of summer stain.


Tasting Exam:
In the mouth it is complex, broad, soft, with acidity and sapidity that give a
beautiful freshness, fine and persistent, dry. Very balanced wine where the alcohol seems
to disappear. It closes with a slight note of bitter almond typical of Vermentino grape.


Gourmet match:
Great with seafood in general. Our suggestion for a delicious tasting, is with Fin de Claire oysters, langoustine and raw shrimp, sashimi and fish tartare.Risotto and pasta with crustaceans or Bottarga. Second dishes of Sea-fish, grilled fish or white meats. Also good with cheese like famous Pecorino Sardo.


Alcohol content: 12,5°


Service temperature: 8-10°C


Serving Glass: Renano 38 cl.


Potential for aging: 6/8 years


Bottles produced harvest 2018:
4000 bottles 75 cl.
150 magnum 150 cl.


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