Wines Pure Sardinia


is a white wine obtained by a maniacal selection of only Vermentino grapes from three different vineyards, about 30 years old each, located in the territory of Monti (OT) northeast of Sardinia in Gallura.

The soils on which they are housed are all of granite-free sand, poor in organic matter, but rich in minerals, which give longevity and aromatic complexity to wine. For about three years the conduct of the vineyards is biological, without the use of fertilizers of chemical derivation
Grape harvesting was made manually in plastic containers and was made individually for each vineyard in three different days of September and October 2017.
Grapes have been transformed within a few hours of collection, cooled by a bundle of tubes to preserve and improve their perfumes and make them macerate for a day together with the flower most inside the press (film maceration).


Fermentation and vinification was carried out individually in steel tanks at controlled temperature for about 7 months with frequent bantonage. In April, the cuvée of the three different masses was performed and in the month of May it was bottled.


is a red wine obtained exclusively from Cannonau grapes coming from two different 30 and 35 year old vineyards located in the valley of Oddoène, in the territory of Dorgali (NU) inside the Gennargentu National Park in Sardinia.

Vineyards are located at different heights and also the soils on which they insist are very different: sand from the granite to the lower and limestone for the other. Grapes, obtained under unmanageable organic farming, have different organoleptic characteristics due to the different soil types but are united by the same yield per plant, just 1 Kg.
Grape harvesting was done early in the morning on two different days of the last week of September 2015, manually baking the bunches and placing them in plastic boxes weighing no more than 9 kg.
In the cellar the grapes were destemmed and were crushed, and when the maceration lasted for about 12 days with frequent replenishment, the first grape must was transferred to steel tanks at controlled temperature and that of the second in the barrels French oak for 10 hl.
The vinification was continued for 18 months in the two different containers with frequent bâtonnage and in April 2016 the mixture was decided by the two masses: 80% steel and 20% wood. In the month of May, bottling took place